Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Small Town Meets Internet! The perils of an anonymous blog.

I'd like to remind readers of this blog is that this is a work of fiction.  Memoirs rely on the memories and emotional states of the writer.  I use this blog to practice my writing skills.  It kind of puts a bit of a damper on the experience of writing deeply, trying to project my emotions as the written word, especially when high emotions are temporary with the risk of being exposed to child protection investigations.

Some context is taken out purposely, like that I was injured and bedridden for a week due to a back strain so I could do nothing in the house. I am a single parent, lest we all forget that if a single parent can not reach the floor to pick up anything, then it accumulates and took a while to pick up as I got better.  So my house was a disaster... Would you appreciate one hour notice to present my home for inspection by child protection?  Messy or not?

And for the readers who haven't figured it out yet,  I have Narcolepsy so my REM intrudes or my wake cycle intrudes into sleep.  I get up in the middle of the night and I write an anonymous blog and then forget about even writing it.  This is called automatic behaviour and it causes me all sorts of problems like forgetting promises I make while appearing totally awake, driving to the old house, sending text messages to an old lover 6 months later and writing emotional blogs while still in a dream state.

PLEASE do not make my life more complicated by reporting my writing to any kind of authority.   If you are seeking clarification of my writing as it pertains to my reality or wanting to provide some support, please email me.